In blogosphere, where once crisp and clean headers prevailed, now we are seeing more bloggers wanting to express their personality by using grunge style headers and blog backgrounds.

For me, creating these free to download grunge style headers was tons of fun. Not only was I able to take free headers I used in previous posts and “grunge them up”, but it gave me a chance to show others how I interpret “grunge”.

I hope you enjoy what I’ve created. As with all of the headers I provide on this site, these are free to download and tweak to your liking.

Don’t forget. If you want to show off a blog on which you’ve utilized one of my creations, I’ve also set up a page where you can do just that; show off the header and get a free link to your blog, as well.

It’s easy. Just use the contact form and share the link to your blog.

940 x 198 pixel header background

Dahlia 'ala grunge

Free to download header image twenty ten theme

Peony all a grunge

Blog header background free to download

Faded flower

grunge sytle free header for download

Grungie Blue

downloadable blog header background for free

Grungie green

blog header background in muted burgundy

All scratched up

header image for wordpress twenty ten theme

Aged and Worn

grunge style header in lavender

With just a hint of lavender

Grunge style free header art background

Pastel blue

Free to download header background grunge style

Barely There

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