Feel free to download any of these header backgrounds for your personal or business use. I’ve sized them down for this site, however, if you click on the image, a new window will open and the image will be available in the larger format. (Most of the headers are sized to fit the WordPress Kubrick default theme headering – 740 x 192 pixels) From there, just right click and hit “save as”.

You are free to use this blog header art to your liking – with the exception of selling them. In fact, if you’re reading this and have purchased any of the images from another site, I suggest you contact them and ask for a refund.


The free to download header background art you’ll find on this site is either based on my own photos or my artistic creations. Although you may find some photos that are marked “The Blog Boutique”, attribution to me and/or this site is not necessary, however it is appreciated.


Although this header art can be downloaded for free, donations are greatly appreciated.