Have you ever noticed all of the different colors in the sky? During the day it can be shades of blue and gray and as the sun sets, all of the colors of the rainbow can emerge.

In this post you’ll find more free to download blog header art, sized exactly to 940 x 198 pixels. A perfect fit for the WordPress 3.0 default theme, Twenty-Ten.

Just click on the image of your choice. Another window will open, then right click and “save as”. It’s as simple as that.

Tweak the images as you wish.

I hope you enjoy these free to download header images.

“Happy Blogging”

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header image for twenty ten theme 940 x 198

As the sun sets

twenty ten theme header picture free download

The night sky

free to download header images


blog headers free to download no attribution

Lightening strikes

blog header background blue sky

Whispy clouds

free backgrounds for blog header

Star beams

free blog headers for download 940 x 198 pixels

Haze in the air

blog headers free to download 940x198 pixels

Blue sky

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